Wall Of Warmth

What’s the best gift you can give someone when they are cold? Warmth. Valorie’s List of Idaho’s Real Estate and her clients have raised over 100 coats of all types and sizes to do just that.  Give the gift of warmth this holiday season.  Valorie has teamed up with Action Motorsports, Custom Graphix and The HAWK to bring the “Wall of Warmth” and deliver coats to expand the warmth in our hearts and travel beyond to those in need.

Starting Monday, December 3rd, all 100 coats will be hung on the “Wall of Warmth”.  The chain link fence just to the west of Action Motor Sports on Lincoln in Idaho Falls.  These coats are free to anyone that needs to keep warm.  If you know someone, we encourage you to make sure they get a coat.  If you have an extra coat hanging around, hang it on the “Wall of Warmth” for someone in need.  Our goal is to make sure no one goes cold this winter!

This campaign began with few coats and now we have a total of over 100 coats, many of them still have the tags on them.

Don’t let the campaign stop, find it in your hearts to share a coat with someone in need.

For more information on the Wall of Warmth, call Valorie at 208-403-1859