Ucon Kids Rock and Ride!

You were just talking about the bike riders crossing the high way. It was Ucon and Fairview Elementary. Today was district 93’s 5th grade bike ride to Iona Park. We watched the little girl crash also and the sweet boy that stopped to help get her bike up the hill. Great kids in Ucon!
Thank you so much for letting me know the details. I was absolutely amazed at how many kids participated and how cool it looked. The young boy stopping just goes to show compassion is still alive. Again thank you for the information. Have a great night. Tommie Jo
So did one school wear pink and the other yellow?
Yes. I think 7 elementaries participated and the district gave each school their own color T-shirt’s to help us all keep track of our own kids. Ucon was pink and Fairview yellow this year. From Ucon Elementary…which both those schools start at, it is 14 miles round trip. Quite the work out for a fifth grader. Proud of them!