Sunny Sweeney


It’s always good to see somebody carrying the torch for country music. She’s authentic, true, passionate, and has a one-of-a-kind story. It was great to hear how her story started by playing shows only after playing guitar for 2 weeks, record labels found her on “myspace,” and how she walked away (gracefully) from the big labels to stay true to herself by being an independent artist:

Sunny starting out:


Remember “myspace?”


Sunny talks about her mentors – it’s a good music lesson so take notes kids!


Sunny talks about the “Current Country Music Scene” but we end up talking about Merle and Waylon – kids, you should still be taking notes!!


Sunny talks about the “Texas Country Music Scene”


What does a top ten hit do to a person – financially?


Albums vs Tours – what’s better. And kids, the answer to the question: why artists create music” Sunny knows. . . 



Sunny doin’ a li’l somethin’ somethin’ in the Hawk Studio!


Harley and Sunny throwin’ it down in Idaho Falls!


And because Merle Haggard is boss. . .