Radio Prizes

We have a lot of prizes to giveaway on the radio! So many prizes that I’ve decided to handout some of them through the website! Congrats to Lindsay Pratt of Blackfoot. She read my book review! Here’s a link to the review. . .


Book Review

Don’t try to be clever and send me an email that says: I Dance On Water! That opportunity is over. Lindsay already beat you to the punch but you can send me an email, maybe I’ll respond to it! Maybe. . . highly doubtful but maybe . . .

So what did Lindsay Pratt win? Too many prizes to list but I will share with you some of the prizes: First off, she received an email response from her favorite radio personality, Cory Daniels! The second prize was this sweet picture of me at the Salt Lake Aquarium! 



The other prizes? Maybe she won a Hawk T-Shirt? Maybe she got qualified for the Garth-gantuan Getaway? Maybe she won Brothers Osborne tickets? Maybe all of the above? Maybe she settled with the sweet pic of me at the Aquarium and didn’t want anything else? Maybe you should send me an email that says: “Radio Contests are Stupid” and I’ll get you a prize? Maybe . . . but highly doubtful. (

Cory Daniels
(too legit to quit)