UPDATE: My wife found my ring!

After “losing” my wedding ring a week ago…out of the blue, my wife called me to say she found it in her car! Whaat? I don’t remember taking it off or it slipping off? Just happy to have it and glad JCP let me return my replacement ring I  bought!


Original story….

Is there anything more heart breaking than losing something like your wedding ring? When it comes to “things”, that has to be on the top of the list. I make it a point to never even take off my wedding ring, unless my hands get super messy, and then I am extremely careful about where I put it and put it right back on. Well, last weekend, while on a fishing date with my wife….somewhere, somehow….I lost it. I’m not sure if it slipped off my ever shrinking fingers or I took it off…but, it’s gone. And I don’t think we’ll find it. I retraced all my steps, every spot we were at…nothing.  So, since not having a ring on my finger doesn’t look or feel right, we immediately went to JC Penney and got a new one….and right next to me trying on rings with his wife….another guy that had lost his ring. What are the odds? Well at least I wasn’t the only one. What’s the most valuable thing you’ve ever lost?