How Old Dominion helped Michael Ray land the “One That Got Away”

ABC/Randy HolmesOne of the reasons Michael Ray instantly loved his latest hit, "One That Got Away," is because it immediately reminded him of his breakthrough #1 from 2015, "Kiss You in the Morning."

"That's one of the songs, you just heard it, and it felt like you've heard it before," he says of his latest top twenty. "It's just that catchy melody that stuck in your head. And I felt like it was kinda in the vein still of 'Kiss You in the Morning,' and I haven't gone back to that kind of feel since then."

Matthew Ramsey and Trevor Rosen from Old Dominion are two of the writers on "One That Got Away."  Michael has no qualms about admitting the material he was being pitched for his Amos album was more impressive than what he was coming up with at the time.

"You know, we were in the middle of writing for this album, but we were also on the road," he explains. "And we started getting songs pitched, and I'm going, 'This stuff's better than what I'm writing.' Brad [Tursi], Matt, Trevor, I  mean, Geoff [Sprung], they're so talented, and especially as songwriters. They've written so many hits for so many artists, and it's probably one of my favorites on the record."

Matthew and Trevor also co-wrote the Amos track "Dancing Forever," while Brad Tursi contributed its opening cut, "Fan Girl."

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