Chase Rice opens up about his journey from “not good enough” to the top five: “Music is my life right now.”

Broken Bow

Before the release of 2017's Lambs & Lions, Chase Rice made a major career change: he left Sony to sign with Broken Bow.

It's a risk that paid off for the North Carolina native, as his latest single, "Eyes on You," is now a top-five hit.

"I'm actually good friends with a lot of the people from Sony now," Chase tells ABC Radio. "But [it was difficult] having to leave my record label and go to a new one, and basically have people tell you that you're not good enough, simple as that."

"And to be able to take what you've believed in somewhere else, and get people around you that believe in it as much as I do, we've done that," Chase declares. "And we're having success with it. So it feels do it our way, and not change who I am as a person or as an artist to have the success."

Chase has so much momentum right now, he confesses he can't wait to release new music.

"Oh man, I'm dying right now," he admits. "I'm having fun doing music for the first time in a long time. Music is my life right now. It's not girls. It's not partying. It's the music right now."

"And it wasn't that way before," Chase says candidly. "You know, [with 2013's] 'Ready Set Roll,' we stumbled into hits. But now, with my focusing on it, I think the product is going to be a whole 'nother level."

Chase expects a new song called "Lonely If You Are" will be his follow-up to "Eyes on You" -- unless he can come up with something better.

"I'm gonna try to beat it in the next few weeks," he promises. "If we can beat it, let's go!"

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