Eclipse Meeting


Cory Daniels attended the Community Meeting at Civic Auditorium for the Eclipse. Here are the “rough” notes:

– People are coming. That’s not a lie. People are coming

– Interstate 15 will not make all lanes southbound (or any one-direction) to send people directly to Utah
(Great idea to send those people back but it’s not going to happen)

– The only construction on I-15 will be on the Utah/Idaho border. There will be other minor construction going on but not one-lane restrictions

– They’re trying to bring in a COW . . . “Cell On Wheels” so we can have cell coverage

– UCLA, MIT, and other colleges are visiting BYU-“I Do” to check out the eclipse

– There are folks who consider themselves Eclipse Chasers. They are pumped for the event. It’s a real treat to have it in the US. Some eclipse chasers book fancy ships to watch a total eclipse in the middle of the ocean

– When the eclipse hits totality, remove the solar eclipse glasses. It’s the only way to see the “Corona” – a super psychedelic experience

– Cameras won’t be able to capture the eclipse

– There’s a rumor that 10,000 people are going to be on Mt. Borah

– When somebody in east Idaho calls for an ambulance, whether it’s a bloody nose or cardiac arrest, they’ll get an ambulance. On the day of the eclipse, dispatch will use their discretion to send an ambulance

– Officers from around the state will be help local law enforcement

– Some places like Urgent Care will be closed.

– Officers will be assigned certain sections of the town so officers will be nearby

– It’s illegal to open the backyard to camping. Permits and paperwork needs to be done

– All experts say to just enjoy the eclipse and not to mess with the phone or camera

– The city doesn’t have a specific preparation plan for a zombie apocalypse but zombies will trigger the city’s usual emergency plan. . . so yes?


If you have any concerns or questions about the meeting, send me an email at cory I’ll try to help you out!