My daughter is Super Human

I think my youngest daughter is some sort of super human….or super hero. She has extraordinary strength for an 18 month old. Seriously, I am 6’ 1” and about 265, and I struggle to hold her down to change her diaper or clean out her nose. Yes, two not very pleasant activities, I understand, but, it is probably easier to hold down a rabid honey badger than my daughter. She punches like Mike Tyson, and kicks like Bruce Lee. Short of strapping her down with duct tape, it’s nearly impossible. And then, when you start with the booger removal, all bets are off. She starts screaming like a banshee….along with the kicking and arms flailing. I think I need to come up with some sort of Velcro Kevlar retraining device that can help parents with these types of situations. Either that, or start MMA training.

I might need something like this…but, much stronger…and more velcro and zip ties….hahaha. Thanks to Angela for sharing this.