Adventures in chicken sitting!


I have been put in charge of tending to the Chickens while the landlord is away.  Mable (the gold bird) and her posse, Hazel (the light grey) and Eunice (the dark grey) will be providing me with farm fresh eggs for a little while.  Last night when I went to collect eggs for the first time the birds weren’t to sure about me.  They didn’t try and stop me from getting the eggs, which my crazy chicken lady friend Carrie said might happen, they just looked at me and stayed away.  This morning after I got done shoveling the snow I could hear them clucking up a storm so I went to visit.  this time the all came towards me like I was going to give them a treat lol.  I think I’ll take corn kernels to them every now and then.  This should be an interesting time tending to my own true “Chicken Flawk”!

Justin Pierce