Book Review



With everybody talking about the renovated LDS Temple, I thought I’d get “spiritual.” I never been to Deseret Books – actually, I’ve been living in east Idaho for a year and have been calling it: Desert Books. At least I wasn’t calling it Dessert Books and assumed they’d serve sweets and ice-cream! Curiosity got to me and I went into the store.  Not only did I find delicious candy and a tune-up kit for my bicycle but I also scored this dandy book: Dancing With Jesus – Featuring A Host Of Miraculous Moves. It’s amazing the dance moves somebody can pull-off wearing sandals! At the same time, I find it difficult to perform “Church Appropriate Dance Moves.” However, this book baptized my sweet rock n’ roll soul! I can’t wait to be at a dance (lookin’ fly), hear “My Church”/Maren Morris come on the speakers, and show those Miracle Workers how to work the dance floor!

I’m a boss dipped in spirit sauce . . .

Cory Daniels

(lookin fly)


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