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This OR That?

Would you rather give a really bad present or no present at all? This kid is probably wishing for no present…good thing they had a back up!

This OR That?

Would you rather give up candy for a month or the internet? I think some of these kids would rather give up the candy…lol

This OR That?

Would you rather get a speeding ticket or spend the weekend with your in laws? Be Honest 🙂 Have trouble with your in laws? This might help…

Pick Me Up…

Here’s what you said… Sometimes…all it takes is one of these…OR…NOT!

This OR That?

Here’s what you said… I would love to have this house!

Catch Phrases

What is your Catch Phrase? Even Chief Wiggum has a Catch Phrase!

Coolest Xmas TV Moment!

Tell me about your favorite Christmas TV Moment! Mine would have to be when Ralphie had to put on that awful pink bunny outfit in A Christmas Story!… Elf Had a lot of them too…

Best Xmas Song

What is your favorite Christmas song of all time? Mine would have to be “Leroy The Redneck Reindeer” by Joe Diffie. From Hawk Flawk Member Sonny!