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Most Confusing Video of the Day


We found a confusing video of a squirrel playing with a cat. . . . and we cannot figure out why the cat isn’t eating this squirrel? It’s pretty cute and entertaining! Click here to watch the video!

Pet Voices

So Jess and Hot Rod were talking the other day about their pets. They got to thinking, if their pets could talk…what would they sound like? Would they have an accent, speak a certain language…? Then they started chatting about how their pets sound in there own heads. Jess says her cat has to be […]

Pet Tawk On The Hawk

Kammi from HSUV came in this morning for Pet Tawk On The Hawk and we discussed the importance of keeping your pets safe, secure, and calm during the fireworks tomorrow night! Check with you vet for over the counter remedies for that, and make sure your pet’s ID tag is updated and legible. Keep your […]