Frankie Ballard’s Texas-Recorded “El Rio” Due June 10

Warner Music NashvilleFrankie Ballard traveled to the Sonic Ranch south of El Paso, Texas, to record his new album, El Rio, due out June 10.   “I’m very proud of the work [producer] Marshall [Altman] and I did on El Rio. We busted our...

Kip Moore Gets Romantic on the Beach

MCA NashvilleAvid surfer Kip Moore admits there’s another thing or two he might enjoy doing on the beach, confessing he’s had some memorable romantic moments in the sand. “I’m not going to say with who -- I’d nev...

Roller Derby Time!


The Portneuf Valley Bruiser came by this morning to talk about their next match on Saturday in Pocatello!

Country Star Trivia

Comstock/Thinkstock Martina McBride's best showing of her career so far on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart came with these two albums, which both peaked at number three. Can you name them? ANSWER:  2005's Timeless and 2007's&...
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