Brantley Gilbert Putting His Event-Planning Skills to Use for Upcoming Wedding Ceremony

Image Courtesy Valory Music Co.Brantley Gilbert has been putting his arena shows together for years now, so he knows a thing or two about planning big events. That's why Brantley is also taking a pretty big role in organizing his upcoming wedding to his fiancée, Amber.

Brantley tells Billboard, "I'm involved -- as much as she wants me to be. I make sure I'm on hand when she needs me to be."

The couple isn't stressing out about their big day too much, though.  Says Brantley, "It's going to be a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to it."

On the music front, Brantley is currently climbing the country chart with his latest hit, "One Hell of an Amen." He'll release an expanded edition of his album, Just as I Am, on May 19.

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Trace Adkins Throws It Down for the Grand Ole Opry During USO Tour

USO photo by Cherie CullenTrace Adkins saluted the Grand Ole Opry while on a recent USO tour in the Middle East and Europe.

During his performances, Adkins threw down a replica of the six-foot Opry Circle of wood symbolizing the oak center stage at the Opry House. It was in honor of the Opry's 90th anniversary celebration.

Dozens of artists will take part in similar "Circle Throwdowns" around the world to salute the Opry.

You can check out Adkins' "Throwdown" on

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“Nashville” Recap: Is the Better Part Over

Image Courtesy Bob D'Amico/ABCOn Wednesday's Nashville, Deacon Claybourne's sister Beverly initially turned down Rayna Jaymes' million-dollar offer to donate a piece of her liver to Deacon, who is facing terminal cancer if he doesn’t get a transplant. Just when it seemed like all hope was lost, Beverly made a surprise appearance at Deacon's show at the Bluebird and told him she would make the donation anyway. No word on whether or not Beverly intends to collect Rayna's million dollars, too.

New mom Juliette Barnes was hyper-focused on re-launching her stalled career with surprise concert dates and a promise to deliver a new album to her label in just two days. All of this happened at the expense of her baby, Cadence. Juliette pawned the baby off on her assistant, Emily, who called Juliette's husband, Avery, to let him know Cadence hadn't been fed or changed in hours on Juliette's watch.

Avery and Emily quickly called Juliette's doctor and staged an intervention to address her post-partum depression, but she refused to listen to them and headed back to the studio.

Closeted country star Will Lexington was reunited with his father, Bill, who kicked him out of the house at 17 years old for being gay. His dad was on hand to see Will perform a new song, "I'm on It", for country radio programmers in Nashville. Will's dad ended up telling his son he loved him for the first time ever, but Will's new boyfriend, Kevin Bicks, wasn't happy to see Will reconnect with someone who had hurt him so badly.

Will's dad and everyone else in the world will know he's gay very soon thanks to some leaked photos of Will and Kevin on vacation together. It's cause for concern with Will's record label boss, Luke Wheeler, who just found out a tabloid is going to out Will with those photos next week.

Actor Chris Carmack plays Will on the show, and he admires the sensitivity the writers on Nashville have shown towards his characters' journey to accept his sexuality.

Says Chris, "I think the writers are so on point with this character and where he’s going. Every scene I get is just, it’s just exciting to read. They’re givin’ me so much to work with. They’re givin’ Will interesting stories and interesting scenes episode after episode and I have nothing but enthusiasm for every scene I've read so far."

Will Lexington's performance of "I'm on It" is now available for download at iTunes. Nashville's season three finale airs next Wednesday night at 10 Eastern on ABC.

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Nashville Notes

Burke/Triolo Productions/ThinkstockCongratulations to "Did It for the Girl" singer Greg Bates on marrying fellow singer-songwriter Shelley Skidmore last Saturday in her hometown of Stanton, Kentucky.

Miranda Lambert, A Thousand Horses front man Michael Hobby and Big Kenny were among the stars on hand for RaeLynn's 21st birthday celebration at John Rich's Nashville estate, Mt. Richmore, Monday night.

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