Worst Date Stories

It was my Junior Prom back in High School. Being confident, I thought everything was going great! The prom ended and I went to take my date home which was very far out in the country. As we traveled down a dirt road, in pitch blackness, I blew a tire. I had no flashlight and […]

What's Cookin' In Country

Hot Rod’s November 19, 2013 Report Jason Aldean takes a break to go hunting Divorce rumors on Tim McGraw and Faith Hill set straight  

JT's Gone Country?!

Justin Timberlake is from Tennessee and his music has mostly been pop and R&B. As 1/5 of NSYNC, he’s going solo and has accomplished much as a singer, songwriter, dancer, Disney Mouseketeer, actor, and his own fashion label. “I still got my eyes set on a Best Country Album, there is time for that,” Justin […]

"We Were Us" Video

Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert debuted their NEW video last night!  Thoughts?

Favorite Things In Winter

What is your favorite thing about the winter season? I love hot cocoa, next to a fireplace, wrapped up in a blanket, watching the snow fall. Doesn’t get much better than that for me. What’s your’s?

What's Cookin' In Country

Hot Rod’s November 18, 2013 Report Billy Currington’s new CD is titled after his latest single George Strait wins more awards

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