Eastern Idaho State Fair

happy 2016

Find Your Happy at The Eastern Idaho State Fair, Sept. 3-10 in Blackfoot! Click here for all the fun!    

Hawk Talk: Lee Brice

lee brice 2

Hawkstar Lee Brice called The Early Bird Show this morning to talk to Don Jarrett about his Summer, standing for the National Anthem, being a Red, White, and Blue Neck, and his big show on Sept. 9th at The Eastern Idaho State Fair!  

Country Star Trivia

Comstock/Thinkstock Though the Statler Brothers charted their first hit with "Flowers on the Wall" in 1965, they didn't hit number one on the country chart until they released this song in 1978. Can you name it? ANSWER:  "Do You Know You...
1 57 58 59 60 61 1,058