Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott Refuses to Live in Fear Following Recent Bus Fire

Image Courtesy Capitol NashvilleLady Antebellum's Hillary Scott didn't think twice about getting on board another tour bus after her bus was destroyed in a fire on April 16 on the way to the ACM Awards in Dallas. Everyone on board the bus got out OK, and Hillary turned down her tour manager's offer to put her on a flight back to Nashville from Texas.

Hillary says, "We all bussed back from Dallas, and I was intentional with getting back on, because it's like, when you fall off a horse, you get back on the horse. You know, that's a once-in-a-lifetime thing to happen, and I don't want to live in fear. I refuse to."

Hillary plans to hold on to that fearless attitude as Lady A launches their Wheels Up tour this Friday night in Lubbock, Texas.

When asked if she plans to change anything about the way she travels for this trek, Hillary says, "I mean, other than I think everybody, all the bus drivers will be checking the buses a lot more. But the things is, though, with [the bus fire], I think it was just such a fluke accident."

Lady Antebellum is taking Hunter Hayes and Sam Hunt along on the Wheels Up tour. Check out a full list of tour dates at

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Dierks Bentley Expects Latest Hit, “Say You Do,” to Be Big with Audiences on His Sounds of Summer Tour

Image Courtesy Nino Munoz/Capitol NashvilleDierks Bentley's latest hit, "Say You Do," was still pretty new at country radio when he closed out his Riser tour. Now that the song is closing in on the top of the country chart, Dierks expects it to be a huge hit with audiences when he hits the road again in June.

"Getting back out there on the Sounds of Summer Tour and seeing what’s happened to this song is going to be a huge surprise for us," Dierks says. "[It's] something we’re really looking forward to.”

Dierks says his fans have always reacted strongly to "Say You Do," but that excitement has been growing in the past few weeks.

He says, "I’ve had a little taste of that in a few shows we’ve done -- just one-offs."

"Say You Do" is included on Dierks' latest album, Riser. His Sounds of Summer tour kicks off June 5 in Raleigh, North Carolina with special guests Kip Moore, Maddie & Tae and Canaan Smith.

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Sam Hunt Hoping to Live Some Life Off the Road Before Writing Next Album

Image Courtesy McClister/MCA NashvilleSam Hunt is happy to have a non-stop tour schedule these days, but he admits all that traveling is cutting into his time as a songwriter.

Sam tells Entertainment Tonight, "I have not been writing at all. I just haven't had any time to do that, but I'm excited to get back in the studio."

While he hopes to start writing new songs this fall, Sam knows he needs to get out of the bubble he's been in while living on a tour bus.

"There is a lot of life that I've experienced that will inspire writing," Sam says, "but I think I'm gonna have to find some time to do some living outside of the road to find some new experiences and new inspirations for new songs."

Sam heads out with Lady Antebellum's Wheels Up tour starting Friday, May 1 in Lubbock, Texas.

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Tim McGraw’s Shotgun Rider Tour Might Be a Miracle Cure for Troubled Marriages

Image Courtesy Big Machine RecordsCan Tim McGraw's Shotgun Rider Tour actually save troubled marriages? That's the claim put forth in a hilarious new video on Tim's YouTube page.

In the clip, spoofing ads for drugs like Cialis, guys suffering from their wives' INS, or Intense Nag Syndrome, are looking for ways to make their wives happy. When they go about seeking a cure, their doctor prescribes tickets to Tim's Shotgun Rider tour.  The prescription seems to work, but the side effects may include pregnancy, hysteria, male dancing, unusually tight male jeans, fainting and air guitar playing.

Tim's Shotgun Rider tour kicks off June 5 in Little Rock, Arkansas.

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Reba Explains Why She Was “Ticked Off” the First Time She Saw a Reba Drag Queen

Image Courtesy ABCReba has grown to love the drag queens who dress up like her and perform her biggest hits in clubs across the country, but she was thrown off the first time she saw a man dressed up in Reba drag.

Reba tells The Advocate, "One night in the early ’90s, shortly after [my single] ‘Fancy’ came out, I had a gentleman at one of our fan club get-togethers we’d have, and he showed up in full regalia -- total drag -- and it really ticked me off because his hair and makeup looked better than mine!”

Unfortunately, Reba didn't have time to get any tips from the drag queen because she had to go perform her show. She still sees Reba drag queens show up at her concerts from time-to-time, and it always gives her a thrill.  "Imitation is a huge form of flattery," she says.

Now those drag queens can use Reba's new cosmetics line, Reba Beauty, to achieve the right look. Check out the first offering, the Deluxstick lip gloss shade Fancy, at

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Country Star Trivia

Comstock/ThinkstockJason Aldean teamed up with Eric Church and Luke Bryan to collaborate on which one of his hit singles? ANSWER: "The Only Way I Know."

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