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What's Cookin' In Country

Hot Rod’s October 24, 2013 Report Danielle Bradbery joins team Brad! Randy Houser talks about Runnin’ Outta Moonlight.

Best Day!

So what has been the best day of your life thus far? I hate to say this, but I have multiple. The day I married my beautiful wife Christyn and each day each of my kids were born. Each of those days, my life changed in so many ways that I could never imagine!…in good […]

What's Cookin' In Country

Hot Rod’s October 23, 2013 Report Chris Young on visiting Canada Keith Urban and Miranda Lambert surprise concert goers

Haven't Done Yet?

What’s that one thing in your life that you haven’t done yet, but hope to do one day? For me, it’s an Alaskan Cruise. My wife and I never had the chance to take a honeymoon…and with four kids, it’s gonna be awhile. We’ve always talked about how much both of us would enjoy doing […]

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