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Kelleigh Bannen “You Are What You Love” Fly-64%     Die-36%     Thanks Fer Yer Votes!

Don Jarrett’s Ice Bucket Challenge

dj ice bucket challenge

Don Jarrett ice bucket challenge! Hot Rod, Bo Daniels, Rachel Ryan, Steve Poulsen, Mike & Liza, and Jason & Trent from Teton Pharmacy you have 48 hours! #icebucketchallenge #strikeoutals

The Cell Phone App that makes your kids call you back!

ignore no more

So, my 15 year old is terrible about answering my calls and texts, and apparently, I’m not the only one that is annoyed by this because a mom in Houston, Texas named Sharon Standifird has invented an app that FORCES your kid to call you back. It’s called Ignore No More. And when a parent […]

Flyin’ OR Dyin’


Gwen Sebastian “Small Town Soul” Fly-82%     Die-18%       Thanks Fer Yer Votes!  

It’s ‘Home Sap Home’ for Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley


Article Courtesy of People Exclusive When Florida Georgia Line‘s Brian Kelley utters the phrase “there’s no place like home,” he’s really not kidding. Last October, the singer bought a treehouse-inspired home built into a mountainside and set on 32 acres outside of Nashville. And as if that isn’t cool enough, Kelley and wife Brittney Marie decided to take living amongst the […]

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