Tight Rope Walk Over The Grand Canyon!

Nik Wallenda walked on a tight rope 1500 feet above the Colorado River….across The Grand Canyon! No nets, no safety wires, no parachute…..he was heard whispering prayers the entire way…and jumped and hopped the last few feet…and then kissed the ground and Thanked God when he was safe on the other side!

World's Ugliest Dog?

Here’s Walle….a Beagle, Bassett, Boxer Mix…that was just crowned the World’s Ugliest Dog! But, is he ugly….or just cute? You Decide!

Farm Baby Watch: Crazy Pregnancy Cravings!

So, Jess has been craving peaches……peach everything lately during her pregnancy. Of course we’ve all heard the pickles and ice cream stories for pregnant women….what about you? Did you or someone you know have any crazy cravings during pregnancy?

Abercrombie & Fitch Pull T.S. Shirt After Swift Fans React…

  Abercrombie and Fitch just got in trouble with Taylor Swift’s fans, after they made a t-shirt that made fun of her.  The t-shirt said, quote, “#more boyfriends than t.s.”  And that got some fans so angry that they started a petition to get Abercrombie to stop selling the shirt.  Apparently they were also calling […]

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