Pet Of The Day!

Lilly 1

Meet Lilly! Lilly….Female Pit Bull Mix, 1 year old. A generous sponsor has donated $65 toward Lilly’s adoption! She has lots of energy. Appears to be housebroken, did fine with the kittens and several of the other dogs at the shelter. She needs to find that forever home were she will be reassured that everything is […]

This OR That?


Would you rather get sprayed by a skunk OR not have a shower for a month?

Flyin’ OR Dyin’

Easton Corbin

January 13, 2014 Easton Corbin “Clockwork” Mercury Nashville Fly-87%     Die-13% Find our more about Easton Corbin HERE

Pet Of The Day!


Meet Buddy! Buddy wants a family that will show him what life is really supposed to be like. This poor gentle soul has been on the end of a chain for his entire life. He is approximately 5 years old and is craving love and companionship. Whoever gives him this will have the most loyal […]

This OR That?

Would you rather give a really bad present or no present at all? This kid is probably wishing for no present…good thing they had a back up!

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