What's Cookin in Country

Hot Rod’s October 18, 2013 Report Kenny Chesney is making man made reefs. Luke Bryan kicking off a new tour!

Rich OR Famous?

From a very young age, we all have had dreams of being rich or famous or maybe both… If you had to choose one or the other, ¬†what would you take and why? Rich but NO ONE KNEW YOU or completely famous with NO MONEY? Comment below to let me know and call to share […]

Hawk Tawk: Are you a Candy Crush Addict?

Are you addicted to the online game? How often do you play? Have you lost friends over your addiction? Do you lose sleep playing? Did you forget to take a shower? Call 535-1055!

Favorite Toy

I grew up in the country in a time when cable or satellite television wasn’t common…especially for our area. That meant I had to play outside A LOT which I wouldn’t have changed for the world! When I was younger, my favorite toy was and old metal dump truck much like the one pictured above. […]

What's Cookin' In Country

Hot Rod’s ¬†October 17, 2013 Report Chris Young on Canadian audiences verses American. Sara Evans says what makes her record a song.

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