The Weekend!?!

  The weekend is finally here and for me, I have a lot of stuff to cross off my honey do list. Organizing the office after moving here a couple of weeks ago, getting the yard winterized and of course brushing the dogs just to name a few. Not to mention, a show on Saturday […]

Anywhere Vacation?

It sure is chilly today! And…I believe winter is upon us. With that and the whole fiasco of the government shutting down, it got me thinking…if I could be anywhere in the world, where would it be? How about a vacation away from life for a bit? I would be, as Joe Nichols sings, “Somewhere […]

What's Your Crazy Kid Story?

We’ve all been there or seen it…. Those crazy kids stories! What have you done or seen? Comment below to let us know. Ashley Connie Kay

Hawk Tawk: How do you apologize to your man?

So, ladies…..a guy has many options to show you he is sorry: flowers, candy, dinner, cards, etc. So, what about you showing a token of your apology? What do you do to say your sorry? Here’s a few calls from The Early Bird Show!

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