New Oreo Flavors! Yum!!

cookie dough oreo

Hey Hawk Flawk…it’s no secret I have a sweet tooth! But, this is over the top amazing and I want some! Oreo has unleashed their new cookie flavors…..Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Crispy Marshmallow! Holler if you’ve tried them or you know where to get them!!

This OR That?


Would you rather be on an airplane on a cross country flight sitting next to someone irritating… ~OR~ Someone that smelled bad? This guy is MORE than annoyed with what’s happening in front of him on this flight…

Pet Of The Day!


Meet Ivory! Ivory is a funny, happy 6 year old Jack Russel mix who wants a family of her own to play with. She is a great dog and good with children. Loves to play tug and is also a great cuddler. All of our dogs are cared for in foster homes and are spayed […]

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