One App Phone?


If you could have only one app on your smartphone….what would it be? Here’s some pretty cool apps you might think about for your phone!

Pet Of The Day


Meet Patches! Patches is 6 months old born 3/23, female, black white and tan. Mom is German Shepherd, don’t know what the dad was. She looks very pretty, border collieish. Coat is short to medium. She will be a medium-size dog. Patches is a very affectionate puppy, she loves to cuddle with her foster family. […]

New Oreo Flavors! Yum!!

cookie dough oreo

Hey Hawk Flawk…it’s no secret I have a sweet tooth! But, this is over the top amazing and I want some! Oreo has unleashed their new cookie flavors…..Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Crispy Marshmallow! Holler if you’ve tried them or you know where to get them!!

This OR That?


Would you rather be on an airplane on a cross country flight sitting next to someone irritating… ~OR~ Someone that smelled bad? This guy is MORE than annoyed with what’s happening in front of him on this flight…

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