Zac Brown & Jason Aldean Feuding Over Luke Bryan

Zac Brown is saying that he thought Luke’s latest single, That’s My Kinda Night, was “the worst song he had ever heard” and that songs like that make him “want to throw up”. Zac tweeted that he doesn’t blame Luke because he didn’t write the song. The exact tweet read “My opinion is not about Luke as an artist, it’s about that song. He didn’t write it. I am a fan of Luke, but definitely not that song.”

Brown also took a shot at “tailgate in the moonlight, daisy duke songs.” “Those songs make me wanna throw up, it makes me ashamed to even be in the same genre as those songs,” he added.

Jason Aldean has responded with,”I hear some other artist are bashing my boy Luke Bryan’s new song, sayin’ it’s the worst song they have ever heard. To those people runnin’ their mouths, trust me when I tell you that nobody gives a s— what you think. It’s a big ol’ hit so apparently the fans love it which is what matters. Keep doin’ your thing LB!!!”

Whatcha think?!