Taylor chips tooth on her microphone!!!

Taylor Swift’s onstage performances can be pretty intense, but one recent performance actually left the singer with a chipped tooth! The incident happened at Swift’s tour stop in Pittsburgh last month, and she recently opened up about what happened. Taylor told Rolling Stone, “It had a tip on (the tooth) and it doesn’t anymore. I try to be really quick with the microphone, so I’m not standing there just waiting to sing with my mic right next to my face, so I really quickly pulled my mic up to sing and basically uppercut punched myself in the tooth.” Swift then said that the piece of her tooth fell onto the stage, and she was left wondering how bad the chip was. Even though her tooth was chipped, the singer went on with the show without missing a beat. As for the tooth, Taylor said, “I’m not doing anything about it. It’s just gonna be a little bit jagged, I guess.”