Randy Travis UPDATE

There was a report yesterday that RANDY TRAVIShad undergone heart SURGERY to treat his viral infection of the heart. Well, it’s not true, although he DID have a procedure.

He was outfitted with a tiny pump called an “Impella peripheral left ventricular assist device” that’s used to stabilize people to transfer them to a different hospital.

The way it usually works is they’ll put insert catheter someplace like your arm and the device then travels to your heart through that artery. Since it’s minimally invasive, it’s NOT considered heart surgery.

We also know a little more about Randy’s health right before this all went down. A source told TMZ that he came down with what he thought was a cold but it turned out to be pneumonia. Things went downhill so fast he had to be hospitalized.

Doctors are saying there’s a good chance he’ll survive but there is most likely permanent damage to his heart. He is still in critical condition.

Randy’s rep released thisofficial statement on his behalf: “We are very thankful to the fans for their love and support during this time.”