Blake's Twitter War With Westboro Baptist Church

After finding out that Westboro Baptist Church (WBC) would be picketing outside of his Oct 3rd concert in Kansas City, Missouri, Blake Shelton took to Twitter to respond. WBC had announced that they would picket in front of the concert because they said Blake was an adulterer for marrying Miranda Lambert after he had already been married to his first wife Kaynette Williams.

WBC posted a message that said, “BS has a wife, Kaynette Williams. Like a treacherous dog, BS sloughed her off, panted after Miranda Lambert & ‘married her.'” The message also said, “Now BS prances around the set of NBC’s The Voice and pretends he’s not a vulgar adulterer hated by god.”

Shelton then responded to WBC’s post by tweeting, “Hey, WBC.. I’ve got one more sin for ya… **** me.”

The Twitter exchangemad blake between Blake and WBC then went back and forth with Shelton saying, “Hey @WBCSays.. This isn’t about God. It’s about me using this opportunity to make y’all look like the absolute complete dip***s you are.”

Blake also shared a picture of on of the group’s protesters with a caption that read, “Hey @WBCSays… How’d you get Napoleon Dynamite to picket for you?!! That’s awesome!!”