True Believers Tour

Happy Birthday to Darius Rucker, who turns 47 today! The singer celebrated his birthday weekend not only giving a commencement speech at his alma mater – University of South Carolina Columbia – but also kicking off his first country headlining tour! Compared to his past tours with Hootie & The Blowfish, Darius can see some differences when it comes to his True Believers Tour, “To be honest with you, when I was with Hootie, I was a singer—that’s all I did. You know? I didn’t put together the shows. I was a singer in Mark Bryan’s band. So I just showed up and sang. With this—over here, doing my own—I gotta get the band together, I gotta rehearse, I gotta decide what’s gonna go up—I mean all that stuff. How are we gonna do a show? That’s all on me.” Darius is getting ready to release his new album, True Believers, on May 21st. It includes his current single, “Wagon Wheel,” and is currently available for pre-order.