Hillary Talks Post Baby Bod


Lady Antebellum frontwoman Hillary Scott is loving her role as a first-time mama. But one thing she isn’t loving is the high expectation set for women’s post-pregnancy bodies.

She opened up to People about the intense scrutiny that lots of moms face after giving birth. “There’s so much pressure on new moms — especially who are in the public eye — to get back into shape as soon as possible,” she says, “which translates to, ‘As soon as possible, look like you were never pregnant or had a baby.’”

Adds Scott, “The women who get there the fastest are celebrated like it’s an accomplishment. I think that is so wrong and sends such a bad message to young women.”

Instead of giving in to the pressure, the Lady A star is going to turn her back on the unrealistic ideals and focus on what really matters.


“That pressure really forced me to take a deep breath and accept and embrace me for me, which is always a work in progress, but more important now that I have a daughter,” she explains.