Family Fiasco

Have you ever embarrassed yourself trying to impress someone?

I recently made pulled pork for a family get together. It unknowingly and magically transformed into something that tasted more like the back end of a horse. I brought this dish to my in-law’s home and everyone indulged.

Shortly after, I overheard a conversation between my brother’s in law. One commented that theirs tasted, “exactly how a donkey smelled.” I was crushed. He then asked over the crowd, “Who made this?” I sheepishly raised my hand… “I made the pot of donkey.”


My poor brother in law looked terrified! He thought his mother had made it and promised that he would have never said anything like that had he known it was me that made the dish. I laughed… We both were embarrassed at that point.

Gratefully, the take-away from the whole experience is that we’re human. And that anything I ever make again, 2 out of the 6 bros-in-law I have will absolutely LOVE whatever I happen cook… Ha!