Coolest Person?

Hot Rod and Luke Bryan

Who is the most coolest person you have ever met…other than a relative?

Mine was kind of interesting. I was doing an afternoon show  in Memphis, Tennessee awhile back when I received a call from our receptionist in the studio. She said that there was someone in the lobby of the radio station that really wanted to come in studio with me and be on the air. I asked who was there and she said she could not tell me, but to trust that I would love what was about to happen. Boy was she right! A moment later my studio door opened and Luke Bryan walked in. I about hit the floor! We had a great visit, I had an opportunity to play his latest single at that time on air before anyone else in the country and I gained a totally new respect for this artist. He is an awesome individual!

The picture above was taken that day.

Tell me about the coolest person you’ve ever met!

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