Would you pay $50 for a movie tickets?

World War Z, Brad PittWatch out  $50 movie tickets are coming! (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

How much would you pay to be the first person on your block to see “World War Z”? Paramount Pictures and Regal Cinemas are betting that zombie and/or Brad Pitt fans are willing to dig deep for the chance to see the big budget zombie epic a few days ahead of schedule, to the tune of $50.


A limited number of “mega tickets” have been devised for mega fans. Early screenings of “World War Z” will be held in five cities on June 19, two days before the movie opens wide. Ordinary early tickets for the pre-release screenings will be available for $16.50 ($14.00 for children), already a bit steep for a mid-week showing, but Paramount is also offering their super-sized version for the princely sum of $48.75, which tops off at an even $50 when the $1.25 service fee is included.


So what does that $50 get you? Well, the screening is in RealD 3D, and you’ll receive a pair of special collectable custom 3D glasses (which you presumably won’t be asked to recycle after the show). You’ll also get a full-size copy of a limited edition “World War Z” poster and a HD digital download of the film the day it becomes available on home video.


And because they’re staying classy, the promoters are even throwing in a bag of popcorn. Small size, of course — but what do you want for fifty bucks?


By the way, it looks like these guys got to see it for free!