• Brian Allison

    My guess is the bell became free from its attachment and fell through the roof and crashed in the basement. From there it was destroyed and taken to the dump.

  • Don Jarrett

    This is definitely made during the correct time period:

    was my bell made? is the most common question asked by owners of
    postmount farm bells and other cast steel bells. Probably that’s because
    those bells typically are not dated (as cast bronze bells usually are).
    However, in the case of bells which obviously came from Hillsboro,
    Ohio, it is at least possible to determine the time period within which
    the bell must have been made. That is because the name of the firm
    changed as follows:

    Name Years of operation Type of Operation

    C. S. Bell 1875 – 1882 Single proprietorship

    C. S. Bell & Co. 1882 – 1894 Partnership

    The C. S. Bell Co. 1894 – 1970s Corporation

    all cases, the maker’s name appears not on the bell itself, as it
    usually does for bronze bells, but on the yoke from which the bell is

  • Annie Ballard

    I have the bell up in my yard! My husbands Grandpa made it at the Idaho Falls Foundry. To my understanding it was given back to our family business many years ago. I proudly display it year round. It doesn’t look like the photo you have listed. Anyone who wants to see it, come to the corner of June & 13th in Idaho Falls.
    I would love the Tickets!!