Anti-Pervert Hairy Stockings!

These are being sold in China to thwart perverts! They are Hairy Stockings!

Forget a hair shirt, or even a hair belt – they’re so Tudor – no, the hot trend for young women this summer is a pair of leggings that make the wearer look like they’ve lost their Ladyshave and embraced a more natural look. Are they a fashion item, or a deterrent? It is difficult to tell – perhaps they are both. Indeed, many men find the garments worn at the higher end of the fashion world a deterrent in any case (straight-jacket and transparent kilt on a first date, anyone?), so there is already some degree of crossover.

Maybe they are for women with leg-hair envy. After years of shaving and waxing, the hair follicles are so weak that even if the average western woman wanted to grow a full thigh-beard herself, she probably couldn’t, and so for those who wish to experiment with a new look, here is the answer.

Yikes….so what do you think?

Urgh... hairy stockings. Then again, they may solve the world's problems, says Katy Brand.