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Eatin' Peeps

The most popular way to eat Peeps on Easter is by DECAPITATING them. A new survey found 65% of people say they eat Peeps by biting the head off first. 13% eat the tail first and 16% take small bites all over the body… SKEW THEM ON A STICK AND ROAST ‘EM OVER A FIRE!

Bomb Scavenger Hunt

A guy in Utah set up an elaborate and romantic scavenger hunt for his girlfriend. The final clue took her to a box with some candy and a note, asking her to a dance. But she never found it, because someone else saw the box… and called the COPS! Eventually, the BOMB SQUAD came in […]

Waitress Shown Own Stolen ID

Two weeks after Brianna Puddy’s license was stolen, the woman accused of taking it used it to prove she was over 21. Unfortunately for the alleged criminal, the waitress she showed it to was the woman she stole it from! Yes, Brianna was staring at her own license and the woman who nabbed it. She […]

Low Prices = Love Connection

Walmart is the place to be if you’re looking for love. That’s what researchers found after studying the “Missed Connections” section of Craigslist in 15 states. According to Psychology Today, more people claimed to have found the love of their life at Walmart than any other place. The same wasn’t necessarily true in individual states […]

Grocery Store Bar

They say you shouldn’t grocery shop when you’re hungry, but they didn’t say anything about tipsy! A number of grocery store chains are opening in-store bars in an attempt to lure customers. At certain Whole Foods, shoppers can enjoy a beer or a glass of wine while they roam the aisles. Other stores are enhancing […]

Beat By A Stick

The best anti-car theft device? A stick shift. A Corvette owner in Florida was almost carjacked, but the would-be thieves were forced to abandon their plan because they couldn’t drive a stick! The men forced 51-year-old Randolph Bean out of the car, and one of the thieves pointed a gun at Bean while asking him […]

T-shirt Creates Unfriendly Skies

It seems Qantas airlines is not a fan of The Princess Bride! A man on a Qantas flight from Australia to New Zealand was asked to remove his Inigo Montoya shirt! Montoya was a character played by Mandy Patinkin in the 1987 film and the tee was emblazoned with his famous line, “Hello. My name […]

Naked Yoga

More and more Canadian men are taking advantage of a guys-only yoga class that is done completely in the nude. CTV reports the Shanti Yoga Studio provides a more “psychologically fulfilling” experience than traditional yoga, helping men conquer one of their biggest fears. Instructor Chris McBain says confronting fears can give self-confidence, which makes yoga […]

Presidential Playlist

In honor of today’s (1/21) presidential inauguration, the White House has created a Spotify playlist of songs by artists performing at the big event. That’s right, President Barack Obama has a Spotify playlist and it includes everything from country superstar Brad Paisley to pop princess Katy Perry. Did you know that the official swearing in […]

Wedgie Arrest

Eighteen-year-old Charles Ross was arrested in Florida this week for allegedly giving wedgies to a series of unsuspecting victims! He’d attack them outside a local movie theater while one of his buddies filmed the prank to later be posted on YouTube. One victim, a 20-year-old male, told cops that Ross grabbed him “by the back […]