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Farm Baby Watch: Crazy Pregnancy Cravings!

So, Jess has been craving peaches……peach everything lately during her pregnancy. Of course we’ve all heard the pickles and ice cream stories for pregnant women….what about you? Did you or someone you know have any crazy cravings during pregnancy?

Would you pay $50 for a movie tickets?

Watch out  $50 movie tickets are coming! (Photo: Paramount Pictures) How much would you pay to be the first person on your block to see “World War Z”? Paramount Pictures and Regal Cinemas are betting that zombie and/or Brad Pitt fans are willing to dig deep for the chance to see the big budget zombie epic […]

What will humans look like in 100,000 years?

So, scientists believe with humans mastering the human genome in the future, we will be able to customize what we look like in the future, and they believe it may be something like what you see above! What do you think? I think they look like Brat Dolls….Jess thinks they look like bug eyed aliens! […]

The Good News: Kabang the hero dog!

Kabang is a two-year-old shepherd-mix from the southern Philippines.  In December, 2011 she jumped in front of a motorcycle to save two girls from getting hit . . . and ended up losing her SNOUT and upper jaw.  Since then she’s had $27,000 worth of surgery in the United States, and on Sunday, she returned […]

It's How You Say It???

It’s How You Say It? Jess and I are in agreement on most of these….except for Caramel! What about mayonaise? Data? Vase? Aunt? A statistician at North Carolina State University analyzed survey data on the different words and pronunciations different parts of this country use to describe the same exact thing.  Here are the seven […]