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Crying and Winning!


 This week was an emotional week for our winning moms with The Mother’s Day Mountain Home Getaway ……powered by Super T Transport! Listen to our winning wake up calls and the emotional responses from these surprised and emotional moms! Get your mom in to win HERE

$1,000 Minute Answers and Clues

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The Thou$and Dollar Minute Powered by Guns N Gear, Brett Pollard is our latest $1,000 winner…. Here’s where we’re at right now with The Thousand Dollar Minute for tomorrow morning at 7:45am….. Where does the Eastern Idaho State Fair take place every year? (Blackfoot) Which Team won Superbowl 50? (Denver Broncos)  What Color is Woodstock […]

$1,000 Winner!!!!

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This morning Jayleen Anderson of Shelley answered all 10 questions correctly in less than :60 seconds and won $1,000 with The Thou$and Dollar Minute powered by Guns n Gear! That means 10 more questions and another $1,000 up for grabs tomorrow morning at 7:45am ONLY on The Early Bird Show!  

$1,000 Minute Answers!!!

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Wow! Lynette got 9 out of 10 right with The Thou$and Dollar Minute this morning! powered by Guns N Gear Sports Indoor Shooting Range, Idaho Falls, ID. 1. If cats are feline, sheep are what? (Ovine) 2. Who was the last Governor of Idaho that was a Democrat? (Cecil Andrus) 3. What is YOUR favorite […]

The $1,000 Minute 4/5/16

OK, Hawk Flawk….we are one question closer to giving you $1,000 with The Thousand Dollar Minute! Here’s how it went down this morning! Thousand Dollar Minute….so far….. If cats are feline, what are sheep? (Ovine) Name the last governor of Idaho that was a Democrat. ? Clue: The Zoo!  ? ? ? ? ? ? […]

$1,000 Minute 4/4/16

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There’s a Big Dollar Buzz Happening on The Bird and it’s called The Thou$and Dollar Minute! Here was the first player this morning on The Early Bird Show! We will play again tomorrow morning at 7:45am! Keep track and listen for your cue to call and play to win $1,000 in 60 seconds only on […]

April Foolin’!

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So, it’s no secret…I am not a big fan of being pranked or pranking anyone. I don’t know why, but, I hate it! So, that also means, I am not a big fan of April Fool’s Day. How can this still work anyway? People know it’s coming, but they still get pranked! I don’t get […]

TBT: Playing Outside

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According to a new study…the average American kid between 5-12 years old spends less time outdoors (30 mins) than a prison inmate! They spend at least 1 hour outdoors! So, in honor of Throwback Thursday this morning we asked the question “What was your favorite thing to do outside when you were a kid”. Here’s […]

Junk Drawer Wars

Junk drawer

Everyone has one! They are the catch all in every household. The place where you can find anything…from Ammo to Playing Cards….gum to Duct Tape. The Junk Drawer is an American tradition! Here’s some of the weird things you called in to say was in your Junk Drawer!

Meet The Flawkers!

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  Every now and again we like to get to know you on The Early Bird Show! This morning it was another round of Meet The Flawkers! Who are you, where are you, and what are you doing? We have a lot of amazing listeners that work hard every morning! Farmers, Foundry Workers, Teachers, Parents, […]