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What's America's Favorite Ice-Cream? The winner is…..

Vanilla! For the second year in a row followed by Chocolate. How boring! What’s your favorite Ice-Cream? Rocky Road…Mint Chip….Huckleberry? And how do you like it? In a cup….or a cone….or a sundae? I scream, you scream we all scream for Ice-Cream!!!

Where is the "Middle Of Nowhere"? Idaho!!

Well, it’s not Egin, Idaho! According to A blog called Vizual Statistix used the U.S. database of all major roads to figure out which parts of the U.S. are the furthest away from interstates, highways, U.S. routes, state routes, and other large roads . . . truly isolating them in the middle of nowhere.   […]

Baby Bangs….a miniature hair piece for Babies!!!

Baby Bangs! .HAIR+band. is the brainchild of a new design team; namely, a mother, daughter, and baby granddaughter. Immediately following the birth of her first grandchild, longstanding hair replacement artist, Lisa Griggs-Campbell, began experimenting with the possibility of creating a miniature hair piece suitable for newborns to wear.

Things you see at the water park….

A few things I saw at the water park over the weekend: people wearing bikinis that shouldn’t have….mom’s changing diaper’s on the lawn…..and some crazy tattoos and tans lines….you gotta love people watching at the water park!! Wahoo!  

White Trash Wednesday Pics!

We had another great White Trash Wednesday this morning! We found out where the Redneck Mecca: Egin, Idaho is located….and learned about “Donkey Tape”…’s a few pics too! Don’t forget….every Wednesday to call in your redneck solutions and hillbilly stories and to post your pics for White Trash Wednesday! Yeehaw!